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Child Nutrition Programs

Children need healthy meals to learn. Iberia Parish School District (IPSD) offers healthy meals every school day. Menus are developed according to provisions of the National School Lunch Act. School lunch is planned to provide approximately one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowances for students of each age group or grade level; school breakfast provides about one-fourth of the RDA.

The IPSD Child Nutrition Program will participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) which allows free student meals district wide. No meal application will be required to receive free meals.

Student Meals - Breakfast and lunch are available to all students free of charge.


Adult Meals – IPSB staff may purchase meals at $2.00 for lunch and $1.00 for breakfast. Payment may be made to accounts by check, cash or online at Charging adult meals is prohibited.


Visitor Meals - Visitors (upon advanced notice) may purchase meals at $3.50 at the time of meal service. Payment may be cash or money order.


Meals From Home - All students and adults are encouraged to participate in the Child Nutrition Program. Meals may be brought from home with the following stipulations: 1) bags and containers may not reveal advertisement of any kind (McDonald’ s, Coca-Cola, Capri Sun); 2) a designated area for students with meals from home may be required by the School Principal; 3) milk, juice, (and water) may be available for purchase, with or without purchase of a school meal.


Diet Modifications – The Diet Prescription form must be completed by the student’s physician and signed. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Physician must indicate all substitutions or none will be provided. Forms should be returned to the Cafeteria Manager who will make the necessary changes in the meal plan for the student. Diet Prescriptions will not be carried over from one school year to the next; an updated form must be completed annually and submitted before modifications can be provided. All student medical information is confidential and will be used only for the purpose of providing the student with appropriate nutritional care.

Student Nutrition Services Staff Directory

Leah Savoy
Child Nutrition Supervisor

Melissa Bonin
Food Service Warehouse Manager

Theresa Lopez
Area Program Manager

Kathy Segura
Free/Reduced Lunch Clerk

Fay Condra
Food Service Secretary

Drusilla B. Hebert
Nutrition Coordinator


1204 B LeMaire Street
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 365-2573

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