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Federally Funded Programs

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Message from the Director of Federally Funded Programs

The Iberia Parish School system receives annual competitive and formula federal grants.  These grants are managed by a team of experts who specialize in the areas specific to the various grants.  Below is a short description of each of these grants, and how the grant is used to meet the needs of our students.  Needs are determined based on the results of annual needs assessments.

  • Title I funds are used to ensure that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic situations, have access to an effective public education.  These funds are used to provide computer labs to schools, access to meaningful supplemental curricula and interventions, additional intervention personnel on campuses, master teachers on campuses, and early behavioral intervening services.  We have 19 public schools and 3 non-public schools that receive Title I funds based on the socioeconomic status of the student population at these schools. 
  • Title II funds are used to provide professional development to teachers, administrators and district leadership.  As an equitable share of district funds, five local non-public schools receive annual allocations.
  • Title III funds are used to meet the needs of students who are learning English as a second language.  These services are provided to qualifying public and non-public students.
  • Title IV funds are used to ensure a well-rounded, safe learning environment for students, with a focus on technology integration.  As an equitable share of district funds, five local non-public schools receive annual allocations. 
  • IDEA funds are used to ensure that all students suspected of having a disability or identified as disabled receive a free and appropriate public education.  More information about Special Education Services may be found here.
  • Carl Perkins funds are used to provide students with access to career credentials upon exiting high school.
  • Migrant Education funds are used to support the learning needs of students from migrant families who move frequently for seasonal work.
  • Redesign Funds are used to provide additional resources to schools with populations of students who struggle academically.  The criteria for receipt of this competitive grant is updated annually by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Although the grants listed above are the most common grants received by the Iberia Parish School District, other temporary grants become available unexpectedly.  Examples of temporary grants include, but are not limited to, hurricane relief, pandemic relief, and state-wide education initiatives. The Federal Programs team always analyses what is available and applies for any funds that are applicable to the students’ needs.  It is the goal of this department to ensure that those children who are categorized as members of a diverse student population are given every opportunity to succeed in school, to graduate from high school, and to pursue the college or career of their choice.

It is my greatest joy, privilege and honor to serve these students and their families.

                                                                                                          Brett Ferguson




Title I Parent Center

Non-Public Schools

Federally Funded Programs Staff Directory

Brett Ferguson
Director of Federally Funded Programs

Crystal Arceneaux
Title I Parental Involvement Specialist
EL Coordinator

Kim Melancon
Title I Instructional Specialist

Samantha David
Instructional Technology Support Supervisor

Jennifer Foster
System Accountability

Kyla Aucoin
School Improvement &
Assessment Specialist

Sandra Leutiger
Migrant Advocate
Homeless Liaison

Patricia Patout
ESL Interventionist/Translator

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