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Gifted Program

Program Overview

The Iberia Parish School System offer services for gifted students in grades K-12. Parents/legal guardians who are interested in having their child considered for the gifted program may contact their school and request screening through the School Building Level Committee (SBLC).

According to Bulletin 1508, Pupil Appraisal Handbook, the definition for gifted students:
Gifted children and youth are students who demonstrate abilities that give evidence of high performance in academic and intellectual aptitude.


Characteristics of Gifted Children

Some of the characteristics of gifted children:

  1. High level of intensity
2. Curiosity for learning
3. Possess a great sense of humor
4. Depth of perception
5. Retain great amounts of information
6. Keen sense of observation
7. Participate in high level and philosophical conversations
8. Strong sense of justice
9. Enjoy exploring
10. Strive for perfection (especially in areas of interest)
11. Demonstrate perseverance
12. Emotionally sensitive
13. Articulate with a vast vocabulary
14. Creative



Course Offerings

Gifted students are offered enrichment or advanced academic services, which requires more innovative critical thinking. The students are taught at a faster pace allowing them to advance on to more challenging work, at his or her pace.

Grade Level(s) Subjects
K-3 Enrichment
4-8 ELA
4-7 Math
8 Algebra I
High School ELA/Math




Additional Characteristics of Gifted Children

Brochure – Rights of Gifted/Talented Students

Frequently Asked Questions About Gifted/Talented Students

Gifted/Talented Students Rights Handbook

Gifted/Talented Students Rights Handbook (Spanish)