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Levying of Millages for the Year 2024 – Public Notice

Budget Summary for the Year Ended June 30, 2024


Brad M. Norris
Nursey O. McNeal
  Rachael L. Toups  

Brad M. Norris
District 8

  Nursey O. McNeal
First Vice President
District 1     
  Rachael L. Toups
Second Vice President
District 14
    Danny D. Segura  
Dan L. LeBlanc Sr.
  Elvin D. Pradia  
    Danny D. Segura
Committee Member-at-Large
District 13
  Dan L. LeBlanc, Sr.
Past President
District 7
  Elvin D. Pradia
District 2

    Jesse J. McDonald   Raymond Q. Lewis   Debra A. Savoie  
    Jesse J. McDonald
District 3

  Raymond Q. Lewis
District 4

  Debra A. Savoie
District 5

    Mike Mayeaux   Dana P. Dugas   Suzette B. Charpentier  
    Mike Mayeaux
District 6

  Dana P. Dugas
District 9
  Suzette B. Charpentier
District 10

    Kathleen B. Rosamond   Rev. Arthur L. Alexander      

Kathleen B. Rosamond
District 11

  Rev. Arthur L. Alexander
District 12




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